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Alphonse Mucha, The Lady of the Camellias, 1896 (via)


Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) - 1920’s.
Anonymous : Hello, I just came into a few original 1902 stone lithograph prints from DOCUMENTS DECORATIFS. I have Plates #18 #21 and #22. We are trying to find a collector who would be interested in purchasing the pieces.

If you want I can post about it on this blog on your behalf but unfortunately I’m not in a position to get them. Thank you!

Alphonse Mucha - Original oil painting for 1922 Cover of ‘Hearst’s International’ 
Alphonse Mucha - Solitude
Study for Hearst’s International - Alphonse Mucha
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Alphonse Mucha - Documents Décoratifs’ Plate 4 

Alphonse Mucha - Chansons d’Aïeules (Grandmother’s Songs)